Unilerp - A library for smooth movement in Unity

While building things in the incredible and increasingly popular Unity I found that I needed to move a game object smoothly from a point to another point. This should be pretty simple, right? After all this is pretty fundamental to things like camera movement, and well, movement in general.

What I found was that of course there are ways to do this, it’s called Lerping and there are a few ways to do it, some of which might be a little out of date, but can be worth checking out nonetheless.

However, I wanted a nice simple way of smoothly moving a game object between points, so I got to work implementing everything from the various tutorials and samples across the internet, and found that actually, what I’d wrote could be a pretty useful, generic library. Maybe. Who knows.

So I abstracted it out, called it Unilerp, and stuck it on Github.

Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone other than just me, but even if not, it was still a useful exercise in thinking about things from an outside perspective.